simongregorphoto exhibition goes behind the scenes at Hertford Theatre

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An exciting new photography exhibition documenting life “behind the scenes” at Hertford Theatre opens in the theatre’s own art gallery on Monday 25 July.

Entitled “A week in the light of Hertford Theatre”, this exhibition of my work will run throughout the summer until 3 September.

I am fascinated by the way in which the quality of light in an environment shapes our experience and reaction to it. The newly-refurbished theatre was an ideal location to explore this, with the contrasts between the light and airy front-of-house areas, the intensity of the theatre lights in the auditorium itself, and the dimly-lit and winding passageways behind the scenes. I hope I have managed to capture some of the back-stage secrets of life in the theatre which the public rarely get to see.

Rhys Thomas, Artistic Director at Hertford Theatre, said of the work, “Simon’s terrific photographic project demonstrates precisely how the theatre can engage with local artists to deliver new work. I look forward to welcoming similar collaborations with other local artists in the future.”

I hope that this will be the first in a series of projects, and I am keen to hear from any other local organisations who might be interested in sponsoring a similar photographic documentation of their own environment.

Further information

The exhibition runs in the theatre’s gallery space from Monday 25 July through to Saturday 3 September 2011, and is accessible whenever the theatre is open. Information and directions to Hertford Theatre can be found at the theatre's website

A limited edition of 10 prints of each image is available to buy directly from the theatre box office.

Other local companies who are interested in sponsoring a similar project within their working environment are asked to contact Simon directly on 07710 763359.